Problem and Justification

The demand for fish in Africa is very high and under supply. However, a few business have ventured the area yet there is still not enough supply to the market. So there is still more that can be done. 


ADUMO FARMS (Aquaculture Department) is targeting to supply 10tons of tilapia and 10tons of Catfish to the market per month.


The farm is located in Fumbisi, Upper East Region of Ghana. 

• Land has been secured for the project uptake. 

• Weather conditions are also good for growth of fish especially tilapia and Catfish. 

• Again labour is cheaper is location as compared to the City.

• In addition to the above the feed materials for feed preparation is available and cheap.



• Infrastructure to process the fish and add value. 

• Transportation to market

• By-product utilization



• Set-up a fish processing infrastructure for value addition to the  fish we will produce.

• Make available cold vehicles that will transport products to customers reach.

• Set-up a biogas digester that you utilize the effluent from the fish during processing.






• Bad government policies

• Disaster

However, better measures will be taken to check these threats such producing the people’s choice so the people will still choose us even if the government allow imported fish.


Approach and methodology 

1. Construction of fish ponds: we will construction 50 ponds with each holding 1000 fishes.

2. Stocking of fingerlings

3. Feeding

4. Harvesting

5. Marketing














Cost and Benefits Analysis and feasibility of Project

The table show the cost and benefits of the project and its feasibility over 3years.


Construction of 50 fish ponds 10,000 

Drilling of borehole 15,000

Employees 5,000

Stocking of fingerlings 5,000 

Feeding 20,000

Harvesting and Processing 6,000 

Marketing 5,000

Sub Total 66,000

Contingency 10% 4, 600

Total 72,600


Sales of fish 20000

Sale gas …....

Sale  vegetables 50000

Total 250000

Notes: The benefits will double after third year and increase by 50% as cost decrease.





Feasibility of Project

From the Cost and Benefits table;

Benefits – Cost 

250, 000 – 72, 600 = 177,400

 Since the difference of between the benefits and the cost is positive the project is viable and profitable.

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ADUMO FARMS is targeting to produce fish to meet demand. With a production of 20tons per month the Project can really be in business as we increase our production capacity gradually.

Aduboa Moses Aboliwen
UGA 16, Uwasi. Fumbisi. Upper East, Ghana.

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