Over the years Ghanaians have been deceived that weather conditions in Ghana is not favourable for apple propagation but recent news have revealed that apple thrive in Ghana. Before these news, Kenya, Nigeria and other African countries have proved that there exist tropical apple varieties that does very well under tropical conditions in Africa.
Al Habyan Ventures is therefore inviting prospective investors /farmers to invest in our apple farm projects as follows;
1.investment packages:
Minimum subscription 1,500 Gh cedis, own 10 apple trees in an apple orchard.
Why you should invest in apple farm?
1.Apple trees start bearing fruits from 9-12 months. Economic period after 5th year.
2.Apple trees bear 50-150 fruits in a year
3.Life span of apple trees is 100 years +
4.Apple farm is life long investment with little maintainance 
5.A local apple farm in Ghana has a potential as it will reduce our imports  of the foreign apples and generate income for the local apple farmers and create jobs in the apple value chain development.

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The story have now changed that tropical apples can be grown in Ghana. Join the pioneers in commercial Apple farming in Ghana.

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