An integrated organic establishment dedicated to building  healthy and wealthy society through natural medicine, food and beverages production, processing, distribution, marketing and health care services under  Four(4) thematic  Pillars of Health ; Ecology ; Fairness and Care.
LIVING GREEN is championing a transformational and revolutionary  sustainable agricultural practices that protect and preserve the environment and ensure food sufficiency, food quality with taste and flavor, natural medicine as an alternative to orthodox medication and income security. Starting with the moringa and neem plants , LIVING GREEN will be engaged in the cultivation and value addition of diverse natural herbs, food crops, horticultural crops, animal production and aquaculture in collaboration with Sankofa Organic Farms. 
The moringa and neem plants are  high medicinal herbs that have huge potentials throughout their productions through marketing and distributions. They are  rural women driven tree crops. Products such as moringa and neem leaves, tea and oil are processed from their leaves and the seeds of these plants. The plants are ascribed as a miraclous plants have the powers to empower rural-folks who are involved in the cultivation and processing of these tree crops. An investment in the promotion of these endeavours have high returns on investments in short, medium and long terms. Subscribe to join this camp aign to take natural medicine production and utilisation to the highest level. 
Products from this campaign will include natural anti-malaria drug, immune boosters etc.
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Providing quality natural medicine and health care as an alternative to othordox medication. Healthier Livelihood through natural living.

Ultimate Farmer.
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