How long does it take for me to earn a profit from my farm or project?

It would take the cultivation period of a particular crop for you to earn profits on your farm. All crops have been grouped according to their duration of cultivation and the time it takes for post-harvest processes. 

How can I make payment?

You can make payments with your credit cards, please always make sure your card spending limit is not below the amount you want to purchase. You can also pay via bank transfer and money transfer applications like transfer wise, Mobile Money etc

How do I monitor the progress of my farm during cultivation?

With our user-friendly dashboard, you can monitor the farm progress online while our expert growers handle the farm work in real life. We provide you with updates of the entire farming process.

As a Crowdfarmer, what taxes would I be required to pay to farm with you?

You do not need to pay any taxes as this has been factored in the cost of production that you pay when purchasing a farm.

How do you protect my farm and capital against losses?

All farms will be insured against natural hazards like fire, wind, pests, floods, earthquakes, drought, etc. Please check the insurance coverage for your crop when setting up the crop you want to farm.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount one can contribute to a particular crop?

No, You can farm as many crops and as many units as available on the platform. There is no limitation provided the crop order is still active.

What is the meaning of a Ticket as used on your website?

Ticket refers to the basic unit with which a user can join a farm under the service. The Tickets sizes are determined by the company and made available for users on the website for choosing. Users choose and make payments to complete the signup process. 

2. Tickets are also used in Crowdfunding as an amount.

Are there particular times that you open up farms for interested parties to purchase or are farms available all year round?

Crops are always going to be available for farming. However particular crops would not be available at certain seasons due to their seasonality and market demand. We rotate crops to make sure there is always a crop available for cultivation.

Can anyone anywhere farm with ULTIMATE FARMER LTD?
Yes, anybody anywhere in the world can farm on ULTIMATE FARMER LTD's platform as a crowd farmer. We are a global farming community! I want to be a crowd farmer now. How do I start? Start your Crowd Farming journey by clicking on “Start a Campaign” now. And join thousands of other Crowd Farmers and who are earning good rewards from their farms  whiles helping to ensuring food and income security.
Does the stipulated farm duration start counting immediately I make a purchase?
No, all farms have start dates and this is when your farm duration starts counting. Timing in farming is crucial to get the best yields for your farms.
How do I get paid after selling my harvest or after the financial year?
After the sale of your crops, your farm wallet is credited. You can purchase another farm from your wallet or initiate a payout process for your profits to be transferred into your personal account.