Who We Are.

We are an integrated, multi-purpose, sustainable agriculture and farmers right advocacy, self-help and

farmer-support organization breaking agribusiness financing and marketing barriers whiles creating opportunities for all through multifaceted life changing programs.

Mission Statement:

  • We will be committed to renewing hope in farming and redefining farming as a profitable and professional business for better and secured socio-economic well-being livelihood of rural farmers by serving as their hub of hope through training and education on best sustainable agricultural practices and more, facilitating tailored inputs credit for its members and ensuring prompt repayment to enhance their productivity, food safety, nutrition, increased income and safe environment. 
  • We will also be committed to promoting sustainable development initiatives particularly amongst the poor smallholder farmers and their communities through participatory and innovative practices.


We envisionbecoming the preferred and leading farmer-support and farmers’-right advocacy organization in Ghana and Africa at large which seeks to champion the financial independence and rights of the present day marginalized rural farmer and the next generation of farmers through diverse strategic life changing interventions on sustainable basis and with collective actions.

Core Objectives:

The organization’s Core Objectives are but not limited to;

  •  Redefining farming as a profitable and professional business, renewing and restoring hope in farming.
  • Assisting and empowering farmers to optimize their production for a sustainable food and income security through sustainable agricultural practices under a credit input scheme project.

Core Values:

In order to serve our members, consumers, the communities we work in and mother Ghana/Africa better, the Allianceis guided by the following core values; Teamwork, Professionalism, Satisfaction, Commitment, Mutual Respect, EmpathyandSustainability.

Our Beliefs:

We believe in the Four (4) principles of organic farming which are Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care.

We also believe,

  • in farming as a business and the ultimate solution to poverty alleviation, job and wealth creation for national development and for that matter must be treated as such.
  • that empowering the disadvantaged and marginalizes rural farmers through collective actions will enhance them to deal with the financial, commodities and services markets in an aggregated fashion and takeover the responsibility of their own development.
  • in information- and idea-sharing, a critical component in building an effective learning community.
  • in women and young farmers as the cornerstone of Africa’s agricultural development.

Our Goals:

Our prioritized goals are to;

  • Break the long existing barriers in agribusiness financing and marketing through formalized and standardized schemes.
  • Bring awareness on the dangers of conventional farming based on synthetic inputs utilization and the advantages on organic farming practices.
  • Use farming as a tool for alleviating rural poverty and to enhance job and wealth creation for national development whiles advocating progressive farmers participation in organic farming practices and more.
  • Support and promote environmental and food safety standards.
  • Make farming more profiting. The Alliance will train farmers to operate as businesses to achieve optimized production and income. By so doing, the organization seeks to create jobs to alleviate rural poverty and reduce rural urban migration.
  • Promote better consumer-producer relationships and study market conditions.
  • Facilitate and promote increased value addition to agri-products for both local and export market.
  • Ensure proper management and investments of our members’ income through a Community Savings and Loans Scheme and entrepreneurial training.
  • Promote appropriate, sustainable income-generating initiatives at community and individual levels.
  • Lend private sector support to government’s efforts to assist rural farmers in the area of modern extension services and more.
  • Support and foster research beneficial to the industry.
  • Liaise, work  and cooperate with like-minded organizations both local and foreign  as well as the Government of  Ghana, particularly with the Organic Desk of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, but also with other Ministries  that work or impact on related fields including, in the interests of promoting and supporting the alliance’s policies and initiatives.
  • Increase our operational locations to cover the Sixteen{16} Regions of Ghana by 2023 and go beyond Ghana by 2025.
  • To ensure that the rural farmer have a secured and sustainable livelihood even in the event of old age or incapacitation.

Our Focus:

Share of  Voice -We are focused on creating a platform for discussing issues pertinent to sustainable agricultural development that translate into the economic well-being of farmers. Unity of force.

Social Inclusion -That farmers will be included and given fair hearing in policy formulation, implementation as well as decision makings that affects their lives. Farmers right advocacy.

Our  Services:

The organization as part of its objectives and goals will endeavor to provide but not limited to these under listed services, which are;

  • Building and maintaining strong active farmer groups, financial co-operatives and community based synergies. to enhance credit access for high productivity and income.
  • Providing periodic training and education on best farming practices and extension services as well as pre and post harvest managements.
  • Facilitating access to credit facilities in the form of quality natural organic inputs (fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide etc) to rural farmers and ensuring prompt repayment.
  • Facilitating market linkage and ensure value for produce for members.
  • Training and equipping rural farmers in efficient, sustainable agricultural techniques and strengthening of farmer groups to achieve economies of scale and better markets.
  • Facilitating and providing scholarships for brilliant children.
  • Sensitize members on the advantages of savings for secured and sustainable livelihood even in the event of incapacitation.
  • Provide managerial, entrepreneurial training as well as proper book keeping for members of the organization.
  • Ensure proper management and investments of members.
  • To promote appropriate, sustainable income-generating initiatives at community and                individual levels.



The organization shall have Two (2) different forms of membership namely;

  • Ordinary membership which shall include voluntary individual farmers.
  • Affiliate Membership which shall include like-minded organizations and institutions (both government and private), companies and service providers on the agricultural value chain.

 Membership in the Alliance shall be voluntary and opened to the above mentioned categories of persons and groups interested in liaising with the organization to achieve its goals and willing to abide by the rules of the organization irrespective of their political, racial or religious background or beliefs and shall be required to satisfy/abide by the following requirement/conditions. However, a member’s membership could be refused or terminated by executive power where it is considered such membership would be detrimental to the vision, mission, or activities of the organization.